The Pilates Box

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Santa Rosa Pilates Instructor

Instructor Watta Ribas teaches a classical form of the Pilates technique, staying true to Joseph Pilates' original method. Watta was rigorously trained to deal with a variety of health conditions and individual needs by Romana Kryzanowska, Joseph Pilates' protege.  With a background in modern dance and years of teaching experience, Watta can provide an individualized workout plan for anyone interested in becoming stronger, preventing injuries, and feeling better in their body, from the professional athlete to the senior citizen.

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Private Sessions

Private sessions last 55 minutes and are held at Watta's private Pilates studio.


Pilates Box Studio:
2585 Zircon Place in Santa Rosa.


Introductory session - $55

Single session - $75

10 session discount card - $700

20 session discount card - $1300

(installment options are available)


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The Pilates Box

2585 Zircon Pl.

Santa Rosa, CA  95404